Thursday, October 23, 2014

Storyboards (Coming Soon)


All the characters have since come into focus and we are ready to begin the animation process.

We need help from you to share this project and get the word out that we will be kickstarting it.

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Thank you for checking out Black Widow, here are some more arts: :D

A Personal Touch

I wanted the protagonist to have someone to fight for, someone to protect against the evil antagonist! Thus Susan Weber was born, once Suzette but we thought that was a little too fancy Pansy.

Susan's design has changed the most, jumping all over the place till I settled on a photograph of my niece in Alaska. Here is some of her development work but with an "actress" to weigh the characters anchor, Susan eventually found her voice.

The Protagonist

Before I teamed up with Jess however I was still developing the project.

I had the antagonist but now I needed the protagonist or the hero, you might say. On a trip to Alaska he popped into my head from looking at a little cousin of mine, he was wild, rambunctious and strong. Everything that I knew Madeline my antagonist would hate ... he's probably older now since that was a few years ago now.

Malcolm Weber:

Naturally I eventually gave his design to Jess and she fiddled with his design:

He has been very fun to develop and write for ... oh did I mention I was writing the screenplay? Haha, along with everything else, I'm also writing that as well. That's why Jess is in charge of the look of the film. Good times :)

Teaming Up

I teamed up with one of my best school mates, Jess Cuffe.

We've always helped each other take our projects to the next level!

These are some character designs she has helped me with on other projects:

Christmas Project

Dead Man's Party (Currently working on as well):

I knew she'd be the one to take my Madeline to the next level:

Early Stages

Black Widow started in the class room as a homework assignment: Create a Villain. Everyone else in class did male villains so I said to my group "Hey, why not create a female villain." Hence, Madeline Von Schulz Allen Weber was born! Ignore the bad grammar, this was my actual homework assignment page. Creepy you might say, well, let's just say I had an interesting childhood filled with Edgar Allan Poe poetry books. But I got an "A" on that assignment!

Black Widow Introduction

Hello all!

This is the Black Widow Blogspot Page
where I will be introducing the story, concept art, and animation processes here.

The Black Widow project started a couple years back and since then the villain, Madeline, will not be quieted. She is a villain rarely seen in childrens animated films but one very familiar with classic fairy tales. It's time to reintroduce children to what evil really is,

"Imagine a classic Disney film with a serial killer in it."

That has been my pitch to the 50 - 100 people who have heard it and every time I would get the same reaction: Their eyes light up with intrigue and they respond, "You have to make it!" With such a positive response how could I not move forward with making this project.

My name is Kendall Robinson; I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Bachelor's Degree in Traditional Animation. I have worked on several animation and comic book projects with my good friend Jess Cuffe, who will be the leading art director on the project. (To see examples of our work click on our names.) I am a film and book buff dedicated to creating good and I mean, really good story-telling for the modern world. Jess is a brilliant artist who wishes to spread her wings in the animated film business.

We have been researching, working, and pouring our hearts into the creation of this film.

Recently I saw the steam punk animation project "Hullabaloo" get funded, this gave me the inspiration to make the Black Widow Animated campaign. Our plan is to fund the trailer first, to give our audience a taste of what's to come and to help with finding more backers for the film. We will also be looking for more animators, artists, actors, etc. to help in the making of this project. If you wish to help; get in contact with either Kendall or Jess using the contact information on our website pages.

Help by spreading the blog and the word on social networking sites so that we may launch our own indigogo/kickstarter campaign and visit back for new updates on the Black Widow Animated project!

Yours affectionately,